Our perks & benefits:

☕️ Lots of snacks and coffee

Our culinary culture is quite extensive. It is possible to have a snack while working and to drink our always fresh coffee.

🌿 Eco-Friendly

We have reduced paper consumption in the office to zero by using products that are suitable for recycling. Our pets are also very happy to be in the office with us.

💻 Innovation

We are always open to innovations related to processes. We enjoy improving our working conditions with the developing technology.

🎳 Responsibility

Results are our measure of success and we fulfill our responsibilities in the best way possible because of our respect for our ideas and the team.

💡 We grow with ideas

Everyone on our team feels safe, even when they disagree. The best decisions are made after healthy brainstorming because we have done all the necessary work for a healthy conflict environment.

😇 We built trust

Being defenseless is hard. Everyone needs to work in confidence so that they can take responsibility and use their talents correctly. Not being afraid of failure, accepting mistakes easily, and asking for help solve problems more quickly.

✨ Minimal Operation

We prefer to be minimal, from project processes to our titles, from our desks to designs. We use our energy to solve problems, not complex processes.

We are looking for curious, self-driven and highly capable people who take pride in their work.


💌  Show us what you got at: info@ron.digital

📧  Please write in the e-mail SUBJECT which is the position you are applying for (for example: Motion Designer @ Ron / Project Manager@Ron / etc.).

💀  Currently there is no deadline for applying but the sooner you apply – the better chance you have!


Please understand that we’re a small team and due to the high amount of e-mails during these days we will have to answer only if we’re interested and we find your work stunning. We anyways appreciate your time for reading this and applying. Thank you for understanding that and good luck! 🍀